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Zorba’s Podyn

Zorba, a ficticious Greek character, was visiting his local hostelry one evening, with the dubious intention of the imbibing of their drinks, and the bending of some Greek comestibles at their recently organised ‘Night of the Greek’ – or ‘Greek Night’.

Zorba was very impressed by the authenticity of the Gyros and the frizziness of the fries, but, afterwards, when he asked for ‘Podyn!’ he was answered by some blank expressions.

“Podyn?” they asked. “We have Chocolate Cake, Cherry and Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Fudge Cale, Cherry and Chocolate Fudge Cake, or Balaclavas.”

“Don’t you mean, ‘Baklavas’ “ queried Zorba.

“We wish!” they replied. “Bit of a mix-up with the order. Although…”


“With a scoop of ice-cream…”

“Worth a try?”

“No, not really, the fluff ruins the ice-cream.”

Zorba decided to give that ‘Podyn’ a miss, opting for the Chocolate Fudge Cake.

All in all he gave the evening a 8.5 out of 10.

The Greek Man in the Rain

The Greek Man

stood out in the rain;

and the rain poured and poured

down upon his head,

and into his brain;

his clothing became soaked

from the unstoppable shower,

he stood there taking all of this unkind element

for over an hour.

Suddenly, the rain stopped;

but, all around

it was as dry as a bone!

The saturated Greek man stood there,

then his mobile rang,

and he answered his phone,

“Hello, Absorber the Greek?”