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You, with your upsidedown smile,

and your map of the Nile,

walking single file.

You, with your back issues of Tweet,

two left at home feet,

and piercing discreet.

You, with your potato print,

lack-lustre tint,

and broken-leg splint.

No, not you!

The person next to you

in the queue

at the Suzy-Q.

Yes, you!

You’ve dropped your snooker cue.

“What do ‘you’ do…?”

“What do you do…?”

What do you do

when you have no words

but somewhere to put them;

have words

but nowhere to put them;

don’t have words


nowhere to put them

even if you did have them?

Wait for the time

when you have words


somewhere to put them?


I, Gavotte.


I’d searched your face
For a hint, a trace;
But, I never found a clue.

Your blank expression,
A seeming digression,
Was all I saw of you.

You fixed the plot,
Said that what was what was not;
So, they sent me straight – away.

So here ‘I’ plot
It’s a doing-time gavotte
And what ‘I’ am plotting…
I’m not at liberty to say.

And All That Jazz



A balloon, and you;

Filled with Helium (not you)

Pink, floating away.

You (not ‘Ewe’ or ‘U’ or ‘Ooh!’ As this is a serious poem)

Pendennis Castle, Cornwall.

Pendennis Castle, Cornwall.

The triumph over the dark
At L’arc de Triomphe
Was nothing compared 2 U

Because, the world is bland,
A commonplace land
When you shine your light.

Civilisations fade into history
At a glimpse of your mystery
And cease to be relevant