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Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Every day is tomorrow,

until it becomes today,

and then quickly becomes yesterday.

I didn’t write a poem, yesterday.

I didn’t write a poem, yesterday.

I didn’t write a poem, yesterday;

well, I did; but, it wasn’t very good,

the muse misfired,

and the poem wasn’t as good

as I’d desired.

I have written one today,

about not having written one yesterday –

even though I actually did.



Today is significantly newer than yesterday.

Just taken the wrapper off to see what is included – lots of stuff and some nonsense – quite similar to yesterday in concept; but, has possibilities for things that yesterday no longer has.

The instruction leaflet says: ‘Today is very precious, use it wisely – no refunds.’

The day after yesterday (and before all our tomorrows) is here.

The day after yesterday.

The day after yesterday

is here,


but, tomorrow will never arrive,

being always the day after today.

The day before tomorrow

is also here,


but, yesterday will never return –

and what did we learn from

the day before today?