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The Worm and the Fish

The worm, said to the fish,

‘I really, really wish

that this hook

wasn’t stuck up my bottom.’


The fish said to the worm,

‘It must make you squirm;

by the way that you look

you could be mistook

for a worm who has … worms!

Have you got ‘em?’


‘No.’ said the worm,

‘And, another thing I wish,

is that you didn’t pop me on your dish,

as it won’t do

either of us a favour or two.’


The fish could see

the point of the words

that the worm spoke to warn;

and if it hadn’t have been so hungry

wouldn’t have treated them with scorn.


The worm and the fish

we’re both caught in a trap;

fed the same old line,

and never let off the hook –

always predestined to endure a final mishap.

The Worm

The Worm

I planted a worm in the garden

And it grew so incredibly long

I planted a worm in the garden

Which planted the seeds of this song

It was longer than any snake I’ve seen

A hint of brown, a touch of green;

Now, I’ve planted a snake in the garden

And I’m waiting to see what occurs.