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Wirk Men

Wirk men

irk me

with their noise;

I annoy them

call them boys;

make them coffee

In crackéd cups –

and not the best stuff

that is kept for us.

Give them biscuits

for their break away,

and to give my ears a rest.

At least it’s raining

so they stay dressed.

Wirk men

irk me

as I irk them.

Tuesday Morning @Work Poetry

One of the amazingly beautiful places that I see as I visit Oxford's loveliness.

One of the amazingly beautiful places that I see as I visit Oxford’s loveliness.

Tuesday Morning
Nearing Winter
Sat in the warmth
Of a Mercedes Sprinter
Darkness out there
To the nIghttime clinging
And all around a birds’ chorus singing
Another week is starting for me
Work to do (the hours adore me)
Travel here and travel there
Reach destinations everywhere
Travelling through time
(But, only an hour each and every hour)
And Monday through Friday
Keep on trucking on the Queen’s own highway
Mile after mile
And still I smile
I earn the pennies
To play a while
And as jobs go
I like the work
It’s tiring
But, rewarding
And hasn’t driven me berserk…


One Day, at the Office.


Planning Meeting for the Planning Meeting.

1st Executive: Good management!

2nd Executive: Good management!

1st Exec: And how are you this fine meeting?

2nd Exec: Can’t complain; too much paperwork to fill out for that!

1st Exec: And Health and Safety always on the look out for paper-cuts.

2nd Exec: Too true.

1st Exec: Yourself?

2nd Exec: A thirteen percent increase in negotiable wages this month; one percent reduction in the waistline and options on an upgrade to the Executive Washroom is in the offing.

1st Exec: Marvellous! Seems like the Market is trading well all around!

2nd Exec: Well, you know what they say…

1st Exec: Exactly.

2nd Exec: Spot on.

1st Exec: Business Lunch today?

2nd Exec: Rain-Check that; planning meeting to organise a planning meeting.

1st Exec: Fair enough – catch you on the flip-side.

2nd Exec: Toodle-pip!