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Word Games

I cannot ‘vestify’,

and what is a ‘qoph’;

but, if were to testify

in my vest…?

If I saw a qopher

digging up my garden,

would it beg my pardon?

Word games…

… they can really make your head spin.

Juice (on a Sunday?)

How can I rejoice,

when I have never even joiced?

Did I have a choice

that I missed

and never made?

Did I fail

to make the grade?

And, if not mine,

at whose door can the fault be laid?

How can I rejoice,

when I’ve never even joiced?

I crow a saw

I crow a saw

sky across the fly

it me confused so

it words my muddled,

Crow I saw a

across fly the sky

confused so it me,

why don’t know I

Out of Context

Out of Context

I left old Context town behind me; I was happy to be out of a place where I just didn’t fit in.

I tear this paper

I tear this paper

I tear this paper,

and eat my words,

choking upon the unfathomable metaphor

that is life.

A Warning (of sorts)

A Warning (of sorts)

Trite awareness

of the vague possibility

of a probable happening

that may, or may not,

have the ability

to completely avoid

any interaction

with anyone,

or anything,

is not a precursor

to a déjà vu moment –

that being said,

we should ignore it

at our own peril.

Words Don’t Come Easy.

Words Don’t Come Easy.

Words don’t come easy;

and, like Pandas,

this is one of the main reasons

for why they are becoming extinct;

that, and their natural habitats being drastically reduced by the cutting down of the Brain Forests where Words have traditionally been grown from a long time ago (time immemorial, as it would have been).

Along with the Grammarless Groves and the Punctuational-Free Prairies, Words are destined to become mere exhibits in dusty cases within abandoned libraries.

“What did you do in the First Word War, Daddy?”