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make the words

that make the sentences

that make the words go round

the world.

And I bet,

that an alphabet

is better at aiding that

than a black cravat.

Which is kinda weird;

but, as I’ve said before,

it’s what I do.


The Lonely Words in the Woods.

The Lonely Words in the Woods.

I must go down to the words today,

the lonely words in the wood;

the ones that just aren’t used enough;

and not because

they are no good;

but, because they are so shy;

and no one goes to visit them,

and if someone does, they cry.

The words all hide

amongst the trees,

they keep themselves unspoken;

solitude is the thing they crave,

a silence likened to the grave,

or a morning quite unbroken.

I must just go,

to see they’re safe,

check they haven’t wilted;

for they had worth

in better days

before their use was stilted.

I must go down to the words today,

the lonely words in the wood.

A few wise words (but, not these ones).

A few wise words (but, not these ones).

The complete absence of anything,

leaves nothing as your only choice.

So, choose carefully, lest your voice be heard.

And, to begin, a final word:

throw Causton to the wind,

if you’ve a mind,

find a place where you can unwind,

and tread carefully

when you have read in Caerphilly.

“What do ‘you’ do…?”

“What do you do…?”

What do you do

when you have no words

but somewhere to put them;

have words

but nowhere to put them;

don’t have words


nowhere to put them

even if you did have them?

Wait for the time

when you have words


somewhere to put them?


Words Haiku

Words Haiku

Words are difficult;

They don’t help you to use them –

And seldom play fair.

“Am I Gurumi?”

“Am I Gurumi?”

Am I Gurumi?

It depends on how

you pronounce my name.

I think that I am;

but, I’m not –

that may be a shame,

it may be not.

Am I Gurumi?

Probably not.

Hidden Haiku?

Hidden Haiku?

There is a Haiku locked up inside this sentence – please don’t let it out.