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Tuesday is the new Monday, (or should that be Wednesday?)

Tuesday is here,

until it’s gone

(see Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Tuesday’s Gone’ for more on that last part),

and it followed closely on the heels of Monday

(see Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ for more on that),

precursoring Wednesday

(precursoring is a made-up word)

and claiming to be ‘Hump Day’

(see a camel for details about ‘humps’).

So, should we worry about what the day is called,

or where it lays in the ‘seven’?

(or ‘eight’ – see The Beatles about ‘eight’).

Well, I may have a lot of questions;

but, answers?

What do you think?

Word Games

I cannot ‘vestify’,

and what is a ‘qoph’;

but, if were to testify

in my vest…?

If I saw a qopher

digging up my garden,

would it beg my pardon?

Word games…

… they can really make your head spin.

Juice (on a Sunday?)

How can I rejoice,

when I have never even joiced?

Did I have a choice

that I missed

and never made?

Did I fail

to make the grade?

And, if not mine,

at whose door can the fault be laid?

How can I rejoice,

when I’ve never even joiced?

I crow a saw

I crow a saw

sky across the fly

it me confused so

it words my muddled,

Crow I saw a

across fly the sky

confused so it me,

why don’t know I

Out of Context

Out of Context

I left old Context town behind me; I was happy to be out of a place where I just didn’t fit in.

I tear this paper

I tear this paper

I tear this paper,

and eat my words,

choking upon the unfathomable metaphor

that is life.

A Warning (of sorts)

A Warning (of sorts)

Trite awareness

of the vague possibility

of a probable happening

that may, or may not,

have the ability

to completely avoid

any interaction

with anyone,

or anything,

is not a precursor

to a déjà vu moment –

that being said,

we should ignore it

at our own peril.

Words Don’t Come Easy.

Words Don’t Come Easy.

Words don’t come easy;

and, like Pandas,

this is one of the main reasons

for why they are becoming extinct;

that, and their natural habitats being drastically reduced by the cutting down of the Brain Forests where Words have traditionally been grown from a long time ago (time immemorial, as it would have been).

Along with the Grammarless Groves and the Punctuational-Free Prairies, Words are destined to become mere exhibits in dusty cases within abandoned libraries.

“What did you do in the First Word War, Daddy?”

Building Blocks

Building Blocks

What you need

are, A, B, and C,

and every other letter;

you ‘could’ get away with just some of them;

but to have all at hand,

is considered to be better

by certain poets;

uncertain poets,

on the other hand,

are not so sure,

they think there should only be four.

From The Viewpoint of the Garden

From The Viewpoint of the Garden

Leaves and clouds and sky and stuff,

like my words and rhymes

the weather can be rough

or smooth;

and I can either move to the groove

or shelter from the storm

(or the excessively warm)

in the garden

where the pottery of poetry

is often found

by looking skywards

at the ground.