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185 days in a row – a Haibun

Over half a year

of my poetry and prose,?

That’s good, I suppose.


Posting on WordPress for one hundred and eighty-five days in a row, probably posting over three hundred posts (if not nearly four hundred), must mean something. To someone – probably just me.

It means that I write every day, with the very occasional day off for bad behaviour. Not that I don’t have something over nothing on most days.

Whether there is constant quality is not to be taken for granted – some of the poems, much of the prose, is less than excellent, below acceptable, and oftentimes verging on the inane (or insane, if you like).

Anyway, over half a year of ticking the WordPress box doesn’t make me a writer. But, I do feel the need to continue, gaining pleasure from the times when I consider my best appears.

So, here is to the future, with thanks to the past,

May my profundity continue, unto the last.

Writing and Reading (at this moment in time)

At this moment in time,

I have posted upon WordPress

for one hundred and twenty-one

days in a row.

I have also read from my Kindle

for the past twenty-six days

(I miss a day, occasionally)

but, I have also read from my Kindle

for the past sixty-four weeks

(I miss a week ‘very’ occasionally).


I might have to thank a long list of authors,

and be thankful to a huge number of inspirational moments for the above,

but this is no place for speeches,

or peaches, as each is

inevitably, or invariably,

too long, under, or over ripe,

and very rarely at the correct

length, or ripeness for public proclamation.

As you can see from the above, writing is a thing.

Make of that what you will.

A 200-day streak (fully-clothed)

A 200-day streak (fully-clothed)

200 days

I have posted stuff;

some of it smooth,

most of it rough;

words a-plenty

from the mind of The Barred,

short ones mostly,

the long ones are hard

(“Oo, er, Missus!”

Innuendo is at a premium these days,

so I don’t do smut

and I write clean plays,

where the heroine is spelt correctly,

and the hero arrives directly,

and the plot

is somewhat Shakey,

like a smile from Cyril Blakey –

if you know who he is.)

So, maybe a million words

in 200 days,

if you’ve read as many of them as I have

you must be craze-


or me,

or both!