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Awesome Autumn

Autumn is …


that’s all I can say,

as I just used the similarities

of the words

to fuel my word play.

President Oet

I am your President Oet,

and now is the time

for an Oet’s rhyme.

Indoors, where I preside

is my hat—

or something like that;

obeying laws

(like the Law of Gravity,

and Cole’s Law)

I am sure


that I am following

in the footsteps of people with metrical feet,

and Symmetrical Street

is where I live

(at number forty-two)

in my humble-down abode

writing like a daemon

carrying his heavy overload;

making little cents

for tiny American people

and wallowing in the mud

of a poem writ in blood.

“Are you related?”

“Are you related?”

“Yes, I’m very happy indeed!”

Blog Cabin / Vlog Cabin / Captain’s Log Cabin



When thoughts have occurred,

play with them,

twist them into shapes,

and reconfigure the letters,

make the first the third,

say what you now have,

and try to make sense

(or recompense)

or keep it different

by adding the term non –

non and sense together

make a sunny day

into stormy weather,

whether you understand it or not.

Mix it up –

and what see you got now have.

She gave me funny looks

She gave me funny looks,

crochet hooks,

second-hand books,

and a map of denial.

I am a Succumber

Cool, and green,

I am;

and, yet,

I am not;

I give in too easily,

submit all too queasily,

and, feasibly,

lie (or lay)

around in the sun

all day,

waiting for my salad days

to end.