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A Wombat

I find it strange


I have never written a poem

(or met)

a wombat.


To be honest,

I’m not quite sure what a wombat is,

or looks like.

Is it like the Pipistrelle,

or the Cricket bat?

Is it related to a Brickbat,

or an Acrobat?

Does it swim in the sea,

or climb high in a tree;

does it have a long tail,

fins, arms and legs,

multiple flippers like a flippadipperee;

does it lay eggs,

or give birth in flight;

have you a picture

from which I just


recognise a wombat?


No wonder

I have never written a poem


a wombat,

I doubt

if my words

would capture its essential worth

it might just look

like a spoonful of Earth.