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‘As I looked through a window’

I looked out upon the world,

and the world looked back at me;

I saw a seagull flying by

heading for the sea;

I called out ‘Gull, where be you to?”

he looked a while at me

and answered “I be off to Looe,

it’s time now for my tea.”

And I was happy at that.

The View From My Window


The view from my window
Is of rainfall once more;
And the clouds have monopolised the sky
To the detriment of the blue thinking – why?
Are we not of a Summer time?
Is the living not easy?
The fish jump? Don’t they?
And something about cotton…
Maybe there will be rainbows
I love the rainbows
Multiples of one
Or just the one
Will do…

From my window the sky
Seems to orbit the Earth
Is this not so?
I am so small
And inconsequential
To it
Yet it
To me
Is all I can see
And think upon.
Is the sky
Attracting my eye?