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In Response to an Unfair Criticism. @WildFutures

In Response to an Unfair Criticism. @WildFutures

The monkeys do what the monkeys do,

they don’t perform for the likes of you

and I don’t ask them to perform for me

they are just being monkeys

trying to be;

away from cruelty, living their lives;

not feeding people’s vanity

in a restricted insanity,

where Nature never thrives.

And if the monkey wants to sit

and quietly think on its own a bit

at the back of the enclosure,

and doesn’t want to come any closer…

well, that is what they are able to do

and what’s right for them

is that you appreciate that necessity, too.

A conversation between two Capuchins eating a peanut-butter snack.

A conversation between two Capuchins eating a peanut-butter snack.

Mickey: If I change my name to Peanut…

Boo: Yes?

Mickey: And you change yours to ‘Butter’…

Boo: Yes?

Mickey: Then, when they call us, they will have to call out ‘Peanut! Butter!’ And we can call back ‘Yes, please!’

Boo: Lol!