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Jack Daw

‘The’ Jack Daw,

in person,

no doppelgängers,

or lookie-likies,

to confuse the issue.

“Where shall we eat?”

I ask, politely,

mindful of my manners.

“Here! Now!”

cried Jack,

in his coarse voice.

We ate, and conversed little –

such was the fine fare on offer –

and then, rudely,

I would say;

Jack just flew away:

That Blooming Chaffinch!

That Blooming Chaffinch!

That blooming chaffinch is off on one again!

Or it may be a sparrow…

or a robin, a wren…

or a Tangierian Banana Hawk…

if there is such a thing,

I know not.

My lack of knowledge

is due,

in part,

to my not studying

wild birds when I was at college…

and not having gone to college

in the first place.

A failing

that I do acknowledge.