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“Why isn’t ‘Sea’ spelled with a C?”

“Why isn’t ‘Sea’ spelled with a C?”

Why isn’t ‘Sea’

spelled with a ‘C’?

If it was up to me

then it would be.

The Chickens Go On Holiday.

The Chickens Go On Holiday.

The Chickens arrived at the chicken check-in twenty minutes early. Their bags were weighed and soon passed out of sight along the baggage conveyor belt, and the Chickens’ passports and paperwork were checked.

“A walking holiday in Rhodes?” asked the check-in operative.

“Yes.” clucked Papa Chicken. “We intend to cross Rhodes… although we don’t really know why we need to, it seems to be a thing on our Chicken Bucket List.”

The Day That I Didn’t Win A Poetry Competition.

The Day That I Didn’t Win A Poetry Competition.

The big day arrived;

the day I’d waited for

for a long, long time.

I’d sent off my rhyme,

to the address that was given;

and awaited the kudos,

the cheque…

I waited,

and I’m waiting still.

Still I wait,

as a waiter should;

and here’s a tip –

waiting is good.

How long should I wait,

and for who,

what and why?

Where should I draw the line?

When to do so, I can’t define.

Perhaps now

would be the moment




I look at the twenty-fifth letter of the Alphabet
And ask the question: why?

I look at the busy market square
Trying to find Waldo
And the question is: where?

I look at the glass filling up
And the question is: when?

I look at the physician
And the question is: who?

I look at the power output level indicator
And the question is: what?

I look at myself
And the question is: where is the sallow youth of fifteen?

What Swat?


A question I often ask myself
(With little hope of a sensible answer)
Is: ‘What swat?’

This one?

Or should I go out of my way
And buy a copy of Which Swat?

Have any of you kind readers the offer of your good swat experiences to give me. Please.

I don’t actually want to hit anything with the swat what I get (does that sound grammatically right?) as I am a pacifist. But, I have to show willing.

Thank you (in advance)