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The Day That I Didn’t Win A Poetry Competition.

The Day That I Didn’t Win A Poetry Competition.

The big day arrived;

the day I’d waited for

for a long, long time.

I’d sent off my rhyme,

to the address that was given;

and awaited the kudos,

the cheque…

I waited,

and I’m waiting still.

Still I wait,

as a waiter should;

and here’s a tip –

waiting is good.

How long should I wait,

and for who,

what and why?

Where should I draw the line?

When to do so, I can’t define.

Perhaps now

would be the moment


When & How & Now

When & How & Now

When the quiet of the night has been broken by your feline friend doing what is natural to her with a tiny little bird…

When the slumber of sleep has been washed away from your eyes by a liquid formed from beans…

When the things that are to be done lay calling to you from beyond a nearby horizon…

When you have to recharge the limbs with energy and flex them into action…


… what shall I do first?



I look at the twenty-fifth letter of the Alphabet
And ask the question: why?

I look at the busy market square
Trying to find Waldo
And the question is: where?

I look at the glass filling up
And the question is: when?

I look at the physician
And the question is: who?

I look at the power output level indicator
And the question is: what?

I look at myself
And the question is: where is the sallow youth of fifteen?

Are we there yet?


Only ninety-three days to Christmas!
That’s just thirteen weeks and two days!
I did the Maths.
Actually, to be almost precise,
It’s two thousand, two hundred and twenty hours and fifty-six minutes
At this very moment
In the time zone that I am in –
Which is nice
And if you don’t believe in Christmas
It doesn’t matter a Jack toad’s natter
If it’s today, tomorrow, or never.