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The Whale who wanted to learn Brail

One day,

a whale

decided that

it wanted to learn Brail;

but, the whale

was in a bit of a bind,

as, not being blind,

it was difficult to find

a reason for doing so.

The whale talked to a friend,

who had been to school,

and asked, ‘Am I being a fool?

Wanting to learn Brail?’

The friend thought a bit,

about the learning of Brail,

and declared, ‘If you don’t try,

you are destined to fail’.

Which were wise words indeed.

‘But …’ was added at last,

‘I think that that you’ll find

you’ll need fingers to read

the language of the blind’,

and as the whale was deaf,

it signed the words

in BSL as well.

A Fishy Tail


She was dressed to krill
Fancied having a whale of a time
Spent out a good few squid on an outfit
But the plaice was a cod-forsaken dive
The music was too loud and it gave her a haddock
Then the crime squid raided the premises
And she had to cool off in a poisson cell
But, she was released on bait, and a nice pollack man gave her a lift home in his squid carp.