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Wet Wednesday week

Wet Wednesday week,

It’s raining buckets again –

buckets, I have lots.

“Where is my Rainbow?”

We went out walking,

and we got wet;

then, the Sun came out,

and, yet…

I had to cry out

(It was almost a shout,

into the sky)

‘Where is my Rainbow?”

It wasn’t there…


Wetfriddy Haiku

It could be any

of the many days there are;

but, it’s Wetfriddy.

One wet foot

One wet foot

One wet foot,

one dry one,

which one feels at home?

The Weather – a song.

The Weather – a song.

Let me take a bow

to the rain

and how it falls upon me.

And how that I can get

absolutely soaking wet

which is never quite beyond me.

I was standing in the sun

it shone on everyone

but, especially, on me.

And then I saw the bow,

took a picture so I’d know

that the Sun had even been…

here, with me.

So, now I’m drying off

I sniffle and I cough,

a sneeze is soon forthcoming,

Because, I went out in the Sun

and came home in the rain,

that upon my head was drumming.

The Weather Today.

“The Weather is here!

You know what? It’s always here;

wet, dry, cold or hot;

we just always seem to have

the weather that we have got.”

(Wet) Thursday


It is a ‘wet’ Thursday.
There is little more to say.
In fact, as the year is heading to its ‘wet’ end,
Most days of the week
Will require people to seek
The illusory safety
Of a brolly.
How jolly.

Ode to a Soggy (Moist) Monarch


Ode to a soggy (moist) monarch

So, King
How long the reign?
Once you were a high
(And dry)
Then all of a sudden…
Precipitous amounts of children
All rhyming with water
No sun for you
What a rum do
So, King
What is your plan two?
What to try out
To achieve a dry out?
In pain you cry out
“Il fait pleut!”
So, King
Let the bells wring out
To call upon the great plumber in the sky
To show pity on you
May it be so