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My Wellington Boots Haiku

My Wellington Boots Haiku

My Wellington Boots

do help to keep my feet dry

and are so stylish.

Well, readers, that was

My Wellington Boots haiku;

what more can I say?

Arrivederci and Benvenuto

Arrivederci and Benvenuto

Arrivederci and Benvenuto;

Cynthia and Dexter;

these are the names of my previous

and my present Wellie Boots.

If I should buy a new pair

what names will they take?

E and F, the Initial letters,

of course;

but, what will suit them?

Effie and Fright?

Ellie and Frankie (Eleanor and Franklin)?

Ebb and Flo?

Any ideas?

No rush, I shall continue with Cynthia and Dexter

until they to Wellie Heaven go.