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Thursday Afternoon

With five syllables

and only two longer words:

Thursday Afternoon.


Monday and Tuesday,

Friday, Sunday, and today,

also fit the form.


But not Wed-nes-day,

and defo not Saturday,

or yesterday day.

Wednesday weak

A little under the weather?

Had a bad night’s not-sleep?

Suffering from S.A.D.?

But, at least it’s Wednesday,

Humpday, mid-way through the weak.

And Mon and Tues days are behind you;

so, all is not lost.

Wednesday, but it could be worse.

Days – a Tanka

Not that long ago

it was Monday, now Tuesday,

soon it’s Wednesday.

What’s with all the constant change?

Can’t the week make it’s mind up?




PS Wednesday can have 2 or 3 syllables –

upon this occasion I have used the 3-syllable variant. Please bear that in mind when you read the above – thank you.

If Wednesday wasn’t a thing

If Wednesday wasn’t a thing,

what would it be?

That question has had students of philosophy

stymied for centuries.

If you can answer it,

you are the cleverest being


A change in the batting order

As from next week,

Wednesday will precede Tuesday,

following on from Monday,

and shortening the week somewhat,

with ‘Hump’ day being achieved a day earlier.

This is only on a trial basis;

but, if successful,

it could be instituted

as a regular ‘thing’.

Think of the joy

it could bring.

Wet Wednesday week

Wet Wednesday week,

It’s raining buckets again –

buckets, I have lots.

Motte oh!

“Motte oh!”

I wrote ‘Mittwoch!’

and it auto-incorrected

to ‘Motte oh!’

Perhaps Mercedes (Mercredi)

is going to be

that sort of day

for me.

Why isn’t it Thursday today? – Revisited.

Why isn’t it Thursday, today?

I thought it was Thursday,

and it’s not!

It’s Wednesday!

What is that all about?

Why isn’t it Thursday?


I thought it was Thursday, today;

turns out it’s not, it’s Wednesday, again.

It keeps on being Wednesday;

doesn’t keep on being Thursday, does it?

Every time I turn around, it’s Wednesday,

not Thursday:

I’m never going to get the hang of this calendar thing –

days of the week? W.E.A.K. Weak!


Did I mention

that it’s ‘only’ Wednesday –

and I thought it was Thursday?

When Wednesday Comes

When Wednesday creeps up on you

and takes you unawares,

you suddenly realise that

you are half way through the ‘weak’ days,

and heading towards the ‘strong’ ones.


“How did that happen?”

you might ask.

Well, perhaps you should have been paying

more attention.

A Wet Wednesday in the Week

There’s always a Wednesday in the week,

a ‘hump’ day, if another name for it

you need to seek;

but, when it’s wet and weary

it seems so bleak

until you consider the alternatives…

… it could be a Monday,

or a Tuesday –

and, so, don’t be unhappy with your midweek day,

that is cold, wet, and dismal,

“This can’t be May!”

and, perhaps, you should think about the poor animals

that don’t have a Wednesday

from which they can survey

a Saturday and Sunday,

for them,

every day

is just

another count-your-blessings day.