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Wednesday Woke

I woke up Wednesday –

it had been snoring

in the corner

for quite a few days now –

and set it to task.


“What do I do?”

asked Wednesday.


After all these centuries

Wednesday was still a little lacking

in the intelligence department.


“Just be.” I replied,

“Make the weekdays

seem like they are nearly done,

and nod your head

towards the oncoming weekend.”


“Oh, is that it?

I could have stayed in bed.”

Wednesday really was a washout

when it came to geeing up things –

a ‘hump day’ indeed.

Wednesday Waffle – less a poem, more a to-do list for me.

Half way there,

though the ‘weeky’ week days,

that is.

Two down, three across.

It’s also the day

that our bin men

(or whatever their titles are)


I have to go out for bananas,

four, or maybe more;

ripe, or not so ripe;

and I have books to deliver

slash post.

Somebody, somewhere,

is awaiting words through their letterbox,

could it be you?

dy’Mergher Haiku

it is dy’Mergher,

so named after Mercury,

the nessa planet.



dy’Mergher = Wednesday

Mergher = Mercury (planet)

nessa = second

Wednesday’s Woeful— Haiku

Midweek? Humpday? Bleugh?!

Wednesday is a mad day;

neither here, nor there.

Humphrey Day Haiku

Humphrey Day was born

on a cold Wednesday morn;

full of woe, he was.

Woden’s Day

Woden would have been proud

if he had known

that they would name a day after him;

Humpty, also, would have been proud.

Thursday Afternoon

With five syllables

and only two longer words:

Thursday Afternoon.


Monday and Tuesday,

Friday, Sunday, and today,

also fit the form.


But not Wed-nes-day,

and defo not Saturday,

or yesterday day.

Wednesday weak

A little under the weather?

Had a bad night’s not-sleep?

Suffering from S.A.D.?

But, at least it’s Wednesday,

Humpday, mid-way through the weak.

And Mon and Tues days are behind you;

so, all is not lost.

Wednesday, but it could be worse.

Days – a Tanka

Not that long ago

it was Monday, now Tuesday,

soon it’s Wednesday.

What’s with all the constant change?

Can’t the week make it’s mind up?




PS Wednesday can have 2 or 3 syllables –

upon this occasion I have used the 3-syllable variant. Please bear that in mind when you read the above – thank you.

If Wednesday wasn’t a thing

If Wednesday wasn’t a thing,

what would it be?

That question has had students of philosophy

stymied for centuries.

If you can answer it,

you are the cleverest being