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The Groom

The groom was nervously spacing

t o a n d f r o ,

b a c k a n d f o r t h,

looking South,

heading North –

in his pants and bridegroom’s vest

(he veered away from East and West),

until he stopped,

to his knees dropped,

and considered himself quite blessed.

Liskeard Writers Group – 10-Minute Exercise ‘The Wedding Gift’

Like this but much more so.

10-Minute Exercise

‘The Wedding Gift’

Jennifer and Steve’s Wedding , 17th August, 2018.

The cake was magnificent. Seven tiers of sponge or fruitcake covered in day-glo pink and orange icing and rising to a height of nigh on five feet if it was an inch.

The columns supporting the whole edifice were many and sturdy, numbering at least a hundred.

Glitter cascaded down the sides from a fountain at the summit; forming a pool of sparkle at the base that was now three or four inches deep and threatening to further cascade down onto the parquet flooring. There was a happy couple of icing-beings also stood on the summit – Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tensing-like after the journey up. They waved the flag of St. Piran and the flag did move from side to side owing to the mechanical device that had been incorporated into the icing-beings.

There was a general ‘ooohing!’ and ‘aaahing!’ when people first saw the cake. But, after a while, it just became another shiny object amongst the dazzle of the wedding group at the top table.

All speeches were read out, toasts made, and thanks graciously given – not least for the cake.

Which chose that moment to gift the attendees with a slow-motion sliding manoeuvre off of the table, toppling gracefully towards the floor. Many camera-phones caught the whole thing for posterity.

“Gravity is working!” quothed a wag.

I say that sort of thing.

I am rather a cheeky chappy.