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Yet another rainy day haiku from the mind of one who has recently been rained down upon more than a Summer season should reasonably allow.

Yet another rainy day haiku from the mind of one who has recently been rained down upon more than a Summer season should reasonably allow.

Looking out windows,

seeing the pourtentous sky

relieving itself.


In the Garden Haiku (x2)

I’m in the Garden

I’m in the garden –
out between the rain showers –
sipping a cuppa.
The air is so fresh,
it’s like it has been watered
clean of all the yuck.

“It’s Puzzle Weather!”

“It’s Puzzle Weather!”

Here comes Tony,

Here comes Heather,

Here they come again;

it’s puzzle weather.

Every time it’s rains,

it’s always the same

here comes Tony,

here comes Heather;

“Have you got a game?

It’s puzzle weather!”

Where is My Rainbow?

Where Is My Rainbow?

I can see the sun shining,

I feel the raindrops;

so where is my rainbow?


I look about,

doubt in my heart

that one will be there;

when there should be one there.

Where is my rainbow?


Or am I just imagining

that when two facts collide

a resulting phenomenon

should be to my side?

Where is my rainbow?


Oh, where?

For it isn’t there.

April The Twenty-Ninth

April The Twenty-Ninth

April The Twenty-Ninth

arrived with a plomb.

I was a lert;

others were, variously,

a droit, a fraid, or a miable.

Disregarding all that,

April The Twenty-Ninth was,

variously, wet, dry, stormy, calm,

an irritant, a balm,

hot, cold, young, old

and liable to amuse, confuse

and leave us all wondering how and why

a day like this could call itself anything other

than a day of ease…

or bother.

The Wind and the Rain

The Wind and the Rain


It was a Friday

in February,

and took place upon an island.

Sound familiar?

The wind was:

a, blowing,

b, blowing a lot

c, at such a level whereby an ‘Amber-coloured’ alert had been issued.

d, all of the above

e, none of the above

f, some of the above; but, in larger or smaller quantities

g, there is no ‘g’ option.

It also rained.

Wind and Rain

what a combination!

No Sun, no Rainbow or multiples thereof.

The wind id usually cold and forceful;

the rain wet and wetter still.

All in all, a typical day in February.

And, one of a long line of suchlike days just experienced

and to come.

The Weather – a song.

The Weather – a song.

Let me take a bow

to the rain

and how it falls upon me.

And how that I can get

absolutely soaking wet

which is never quite beyond me.

I was standing in the sun

it shone on everyone

but, especially, on me.

And then I saw the bow,

took a picture so I’d know

that the Sun had even been…

here, with me.

So, now I’m drying off

I sniffle and I cough,

a sneeze is soon forthcoming,

Because, I went out in the Sun

and came home in the rain,

that upon my head was drumming.