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Drip, drip, drip.




little April showers;

it’s been drip, drip, dripping

for hours and hours;

and the dogs have been wanting

to go out for a walk

for such a long time—

and so we went out

the moment we thought

the drip, drip, dripping had stopped;

and then we copped a bucket full of water

upon our heads,

and it drip, drip, dripped from our clothes instead:

drip, drip, drip, little April showers…




Wetfriddy Haiku

It could be any

of the many days there are;

but, it’s Wetfriddy.

Dec. 8th – Rainbow’s Ends – #PoemForADayDecember

The rain had been,

and was on its way back,

the Sun shone briefly, somewhere,

and a Rainbow was birthed.

And I could see ‘both’ ends,

one in a field to my left,

one in a field, ahead, and to the right;

they were both, in one turn of the head,

within my sight.

But, which to chase,

and would there be gold to find,

the possibilities traversed my mind;

and, at that moment,

the Sun lost its view,

and the rain blew into my face,

and washed the rainbow away.

I stood there speechless,

there was nothing left,

to say.

Dec. 5th – Cold Colder & Wet Wetter #PoemForADay

I sometimes wish

that Cold & Wet

had never met;

but, they did,

and still often keep in touch.

Cold is okay,

has things to say,

but you can deal with

Cold in a sensible way.

Wet is a nightmare,

gets inside your brain

before it all washes away

and flows off down the drain.

If you’d met Dry & Warm,

their cousins,

you’d like them much better;

but, here, shivering, and moist, on the brink,

it’s of Cold Colder & Wet Wetter

I am tending to think.



— Read on littlethings001.wordpress.com/2020/11/09/lately/

Have a read – it’s quite a thoughtful piece – G:)

There was rain, then sun.

There was rain,

then sun,

but, rainbows, none.

I wrote a little poem about it,

this is the one.

‘The weather today’

It’s dry for five minutes,

so what can I say?

Well, apart from the rain, the storms,

the hail, the thunder and lightning,

the frost, the mist, the drizzle –

and I wasn’t surprised

not to see you out

in the midst of the Cornish mizzle.

However, I must just say,

it’s really been

such a nice day.

Grey upon Grey.

Grey upon grey,

the next layer,

even greyer,

than the one before,

a mixture twixt mizzle and mist,

with heighth, and width, and depth,

all eager to show… nothing,

to hide all,

and live for the moment

in total concealment,

avoiding avidly prying eyes

and random inquisitive glances.

“There are storms at sea!” said Stormzy.

“There are storms at sea!” said Stormzy;

and, wouldn’t you know it, he was right;

although, he had been saying this since the day he could talk,

morning, noon and night,

They called him the ‘Weather Messiah’,

and a lot of other names as well,

A wonderful fella,

but, a weather teller?

Oh, well, he might be,

you never can tell.

The breeze in the trees

The breeze in the trees,

accompanied by a chill

that was liable to freeze,

and stimulating rain showers,

made my heart go all a-flutter.

‘Pitter-patter!’ falls the rain.

‘Brrrr!’ goes my soul.

Whilst the wind whistles a

wailing, and a wassailing;

whilst whispering under it all,

‘Well, what do you think of all this, Wusses?’