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A poem about waterfalls

Water falls

from the sky,

not all the time

but quite often,

don’t ask me why.

The Sun shone upon me

Well the Sun is out,

but the heat is not,

it’s very cold,

not very hot,

must be winter

quite a lot today

Today’s Sky

That is the sky,

and that is why

my fingers are frozen;

well, being January

rather than July

is also possibly

a reason why.

Hail upon Hail

Hail falls,

yet again;

landing upon the dissolving relatives

that fell not half an hour ago.

Saturday – rainday!


The weekend is here!




Not that I’m complaining,

we need the rain,;

but why can’t it rain at night,

and be sunny in the day?

Who’s to say

that that wouldn’t work?

Whomsoever built the weather system,

didn’t set it up right.

I look out of the widow

and it sure is a sore sight:

Yet another Thursday

It’s yet another Thursday;

well, as days go –

and they do –

it’s the only Thursday that matters

at this very moment.

I mean, when tomorrow (Friday)


today (Thursday)

will be condemned to the past – history –

and we will all have moved on.


Anyway, it’s this Thursday,

and that means…

well, it means different things

to different people,



Happy wet Thursday;


hope it stretches itself to meet all your expectations –

if you have any –

expectations, that is –

about ‘this’ ‘current’ Thursday.

… and then the rain stopped

… and then the rain stopped,

although momentarily,

and we sighed a sigh.

Scene from a window – Monday


The rain it fell

and well it did,

the worms that hid

deep in the ground

surfaced to see the Sun,

and, as one, became targets

for the blackbird.

The worms were destined

to be winter fare;

which is not fair,

but Nature is like that.

Scene from a window – Saturday


Below, in the midst of the snow,

seeking a worm for a snack,

a blackbird pecked around,

the ground was frozen,

the worms had sought deep refuge,

and the blackbird’s efforts

were to no avail,

but keep on it must.


Sunday in the rain

Sunday arrived,

and so did the rain,

it washed away the snow,

the ice, the slush,

and made things clean again.

But, damp,

oh so very damp indeed;

it rained so much more

than was necessary,

needed to do the job,

and if it keeps on raining,

we’ll go outside and bob

around the garden,

or sit on rafts and float;

I think I might just spend today

in fashioning a boat.