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It rained (and I died)

It rained and rained,

and I got wet,

it soaked me through;

and, yes, I caught pneumonia,

double, died;

and then the rain stopped,

the Sun came out,

and all things dried;

it was a lovely day,

but a shame I’d died.

Having a Rainstorm (a Haiku)

Leaking from above,

falling damp meets rising damp;

I soak it all up.

Well, what a lovely day, today is

Well, what a lovely day, today is,

and it’s the only today that we’ve got,

it owns a bucket full of weather,

which is really rather a lot.


I’m out now in the rain,

and the wind, and the damp, and the cold,

it’s a bit of a joke, the weather,

one that’s never growing old.


There’s fog and mist and mizzle,

all for a soul to endure;

and, betwixt the frost and drizzle,

there’s another bucket more.

Breezy, breezier, breeziest

Breezy, breezier, breeziest –

I should take the route that’s easiest;

but I don’t, because that is not how I roll

and rock –

two steps forward, one step back,

of progress I seem to have a lack,

but make it I shall,

I know that I will,

or, given time, I shall be here still.

Seagulls flying backwards

Seagulls flying backwards,

(It’s such a wet windy day)

busy going nowhere,

with nothing much to say.

Whirlwind Romance

I had a whirlwind romance…

with a whirlwind;

she took me in,

and then she blew me out!

The first Tuesday in August (since the last one)

It’s an auspicious day;

however, I’m suspicious about the fact

that it’s raining again –

like it did in May;

and nothing really changes,

it just comes back time

and time again

in a slightly different order

(exactly like my poems)

weather you like it

or them

or not.

Street Par-tay!

What a lovely day

for a street par-tay,

celebrating seventy years of rain.

Hot and sweaty in the sunshine,

Hot and sweaty in the sunshine,

cool in the shade –

hot drinks, to warm us up;

to cool us, cold lemonade

Wet Wednesday week

Wet Wednesday week,

It’s raining buckets again –

buckets, I have lots.