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As I Travelled, The Day Unravelled


This morning the sun was a blood orange in the sky
I regarded it with many thoughts
As I passed by
And before me were a sheave of heavy grey clouds topped up with rain
And some began shedding their droplets upon the lands below
And there…
A rainbow.

Summer Holiday?


As much as Cliff Richard
Laurie Peters and the Shadows
Are having a fun-filled
Sun-filled Summer Holiday
In Paris in 1963
I still can’t decide
Whether this bank holiday
Is a part of our Summer
Or is Summer just a figment
Of my imagination
A pigment of which
Is definitely grey.

24 in 1

I do ‘so’ wish the weather would make up its mind
One minute I’m frazzled
The next one, snowblind
Drowning (not waving) as I walk down the street
Before the wind blows me sideways
Knocks me from my feet
And icicles are growing from the tip of my nose
As hailstones fall on me
(all this a gift from God, I suppose)
For a temperate climate
(Supposedly) have we
But, I look at it this way…
Twenty-four seasons in one single day!!!!

Whether the Weather be good; or… (A Badriomaku) #5


Here’s the rain;
Then a hurricane;
Wouldn’t be surprised;
Is it Summer?
Feels Wintry to me!

May I decline to reign?


Unlike April’s sweet showers
May’s, not so sweet (almost sour) rain
Is, well, actually, probably exactly not quite the same.
They both dampened the body,
If not the spirits,
Of a previously ‘dry’ soul.
And, constant, persistent precipitation
Can take its toll upon a droll outlook.

Is this why Trolls live under bridges?