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‘When climbing the O2’

When climbing the O2

it is essential to take H2O, too,

to drink;

or you might sink

into a dehydration tank

and, then, who would you have to thank?

Whilst climbing, remember,

that when you get to the top …


For continuing might be effort in vain.

And what have you to gain,

when the summit is achieved,

and you have breathed

the higher air …



One day, soon, you will be allowed back down

to the ground,

where the rest of the tired

can be found.

“Don’t drink the water!”

Don’t drink the water

that lives in the sea,

there’s more life in one drop

than a mind’s eye can see.


Take a look at a picture

from a microscope slide,

and consider the creatures

that would wriggle inside…

if you drank the water –

what sort of home would you make?


So, ‘don’t drink the water!’

is the decision you should take,

“Don’t drink the water!”

It would be a mistake.

A sip of water

A sip of water

will help me out,

but lots I need

when there’s a drought;

when Sun is hot

in clear blue sky

I’ll drink an ocean,

by and by.

A few words upon druids.

Druids must keep up their fluids

or dehydrate they will;

if they have enough H2O

they shall not suffer woe.