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Dec. 6th – Walking. #PoemADayDecember

Walking, as I do,

along narrow country lanes,

I meet but a few,

people; dog-walkers,

horse-riders, pram-pushers,

field-workers, car-drivers (fleetingly),

ramblers, gamblers (sheep),

and nibblers (cows ‘and’ sheep),

not many of any,

and not all at once,

but spaced out,

on a natural high from the clean, fresh air

of a Sunday morning.

Just a-walking in the rain.

Just a-walking in the rain.

What are we doing in the rain,

getting wet, once again?

When we should all be dry indoors,

and dreaming of those Cornish shores.

“I’m walking in the snow!”

“I’m walking in the snow!”

I’m out and about

in the snow;

but, I’ve taken on board

the advice that I’ve read

and I am walking like an Egyptian.

I may be getting some funny looks;

but, the advice did state

that it was the best way to walk

in these perilous conditions.


PS I have just reviewed the advice…

it seems that I was supposed to walk like a…



Just Breathing and Walking (and breathing and walking some more) in the New Forest


New Forest, Hampshire, UK

Breathe in the air
Don’t be afraid to keep breathing
(As if you could stop!)
Let out the stresses
And the bad vibes
The worries and cares
Let them go
Into the air

Walk the stiffness out of your limbs
Straighten that back
And breathe deeply of the air
Keep breathing that air
Walk through the air
Of the forest
Of the free
And be.

PS If you can hear a little of Pink Floyd’s ‘Breathe’ in there – you are not mistaken – all part of my whole self and themes / ideas come out in my work. A process it is. G:)

As I…

Perhaps this one!

Perhaps this one!

I write as I walk
As I travel
As I move
As I think
As I mkae mistakes with spelling
As I correct them (usually)

It is what your left thumb is for.

(Did I mention that it’s raining)

So keeping one eye on the road ahead
And one eye on my screen
And one eye (my mind’s eye)
On my thoughts
I write these words

Just imagine me walking into a lamppost now!


Now wasn’t that worthwhile?

NB I actually didn’t walk into a lamppost – however, a passing vehicle transferred the contents of a puddle upon me! Nice! G:)