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Off to the Beach

I’m off to the beach

to teach the young dudes

how a planet occludes.

No, not really;

I’m taking the dogs

for a walk,

and to teach them to talk.

No, not really;

actually, not the talking part,

just the walking bit.

Let’s go for a walk.

As much as we’d like to…

As much as we could…

As it’s raining so much,

I don’t think that we should.

A Wet Thursday Morning in Cornwall.

A Wet Thursday Morning in Cornwall.

It’s Thursday

and it’s raining,

it needs no explaining

but the dogs must go out.

“Hey, Dad!” they shout.

“There’s a lot of it about,

and we don’t care

if the weatherman says it’s raining…!”

I couldn’t argue with that;

and, so, here we are

an hour later

wetter than an otter

soggy as a…

well, pretty wet.

Towelled down and frisky

(we don’t want to be risky)

and showered and dry

(that is my

warm up)

we are inside and warm…

still it does rain

and later

we get to do it all


4 Poems from a Walk. No. 2: In Absentia


In Absentia

The absence of something
The presence of nothing

There is Silence


There is always something
There is you
Perhaps you are the b
In absentia
And I am the i
Sent apart
Never to meet.

4 poems from a walk. No. 1: Onabench



On a bench
Limbs can be rested
For a moment

On a bench
You can watch
A small world pass by

On a bench
A poem may be
Or not be written

On a bench
You can hold hands
Even when alone

On a bench
You can speak French

C’est la vie
On a bench.