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Waffle Wednesday

Waffle Wednesday! @ghfeelgoodfood

Now I saw on o Facebook post a while back, that it was Waffle Wednesday at the Green House. Yay! I thought. Then the poet in me went, ‘Oi! That’s not alliterative enough! ‘Waffle Wednesday is fine, but, then you have ‘Green House?!’ I mean, come on!

What you need is proper alliteration.

Waffle Wednesday at Wendy Wu-Wu’s Wicked Wafflearium!’ Now that’s what I call alliteration.

Helen and the gang are currently considering my idea – and I hold great hopes for it.


#WaffleWednesday @GHFeelGoodFood

“The verb waffle seems to have its origins in the 1690s as the word waff, “to yelp,” possibly in imitation of the yelping of dogs. The word soon came to mean “to talk foolishly” and then eventually “to vacillate, to change.” The food term waffle, as part of “waffle iron,” appeared in 1794, a descendant of the Dutch word wafel, which comes from the same Germanic source as weave: it’s easy to see the waffle pattern as similar to a woven fabric.”

Which was ‘borrowed’ from the Interweb.

So to verb or to noun that is the question?