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A Drabble

Not this one (Margaret Drabble)

One Zero Zero.

In binary, only four;

in normal numbers,

a whole lot more.

Five score.

Ten decades.

A century, after which the memory , decayed, fades.

A tenth of a millennium,

the blink of an eye.

Time, like numbers, passing quickly by;

one hundred Dalmatians, give or take;

the calories consumed

by just looking at a cake;

Bob Hope, reached a hundred not done

but, never went into a room 101;

there might be a hundred ways

to leave your lover,

not all of them for the good;

And can you name the bear who lives at 100, Acre Wood?


“A Bombe!” LWG prompt: Ice-Cream.

10-Minute Exercise – Ice Cream

Aka I’m a Tourist, Not a Terrorist!

“A ‘bomb? You want a ‘bomb?” the terror in his voice was evident. He was decidedly hovering on the verge of panic.

“No. A bombe! Or you may know it as

‘A bombe glacée, or simply a bombe in English, it’s an ice cream dessert frozen in a spherical mould so as to resemble a cannonball, hence the name. Escoffier gives over sixty recipes for bombes in Le Guide Culinaire.’

“Did you Google that waffle?” asked the waiter.

“No, I don’t want a waffle!” I calmed a little. “I would like a bombe, please.”

“I’ll see if we have one.” he left in the direction of the kitchen.

I twiddled my thumbs and made steeples out of my fingers.

He eventually returned with a plate upon which sat a spherical mound of ice-cream with a lit candle perched precariously upon the top.

The waiter placed the frozen dessert in front of me, offered the customary ‘Enjoy!’ and retreated to a position behind the bar. And when I say behind it, I mean completely out of view and not visible at all ‘behind it’.

I pierced the desert with my fork…

and it exploded. Funnily enough, an ice-cream covered balloon was just the thing I needed to cool me down.

Stones – 50-Worder #VSS


Prompt: Stones.

Today, I found a pretty stone in the park. It didn’t have a picture painted upon it, nor did it have instructions as to where I should post a picture of it.

I observed it and replaced it; it was never seen again.

Perhaps somebody else has found it, too.

Selkies, Not Selfies! 100-Worder #VSS

Arthur Rackham

Selkies, Not Selfies!

What a fool I was. Am.

I was idly painting on the shore one day, when this maiden appeared – as if out of nowhere.

I was surprised, and not a little honoured, when she asked if she could take a selfie with me.

Well, painting a selfie is no easy thing; but, I think I made a decent effort of it.

She laughed at my confusion when she asked if I was hoping to hang my selfie in the Tate.

I was never to paint a picture again.

We swam away and I ended my days submerged in my art.

Moonlit Nit. 75-Worder. #VSS

Genre: #VSS (Very Short Story)


Subject: Moonlit.

Title: Moonlit Nit.

I know what you like; or, I thought I knew what you liked. I was wrong. On so many levels.

I had misread the clues you had carefully laid about the flat; picked up more Red Herrings than I knew what to do with; and concluded with a stupefyingly inaccurate exposition.

You smiled at me; me, your ideal Holmes exhibition, your What’s On app., and I knew I must indeed try much harder next time.


NB although the subject I had was ’Moonlit’ my story seems to have nothing to do with that. However, in my strangely lateral imaginings, the band Genesis have songs called Dancing With the Moonlit Knight and I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) which links gave me a different story than I might have written had I not been a Prog-Geek-Nerd-type. G:)

5-Word Flash Fiction?

Mary lived on an isthmus.

A ‘Prompt’ Story – ‘used teabag’

The used teabag fell to the floor, where it lay in a heap – exhausted.

“Don’t you think that you should be a-picking that up, Mister Adkins?”

Mr. Adkins ignored this; and, with his booted heel, ground the teabag into the cold stone floor; turned, and left without a word.

“Well, don’ that beat all?” asked Maisie, of no one in particular. “Good manners don’t cost the price of a cup of tea.” and with this thought in mind, she laughed at the recent memory of Mr. Adkins and his need for Oolong… and his total disdain of Lapsang Souchong. “I shoulda given him Builder’s Tea for all the good it did.” Maisie laughed quietly about this for a while. If there was one thing Mr. Adkins was not, it was a builder.

“Any fool knows that the best teas come loose and not in a tea-bag.” she explained, to the room. “He considers himself intelligent and he don’t even know that!”

her laughter was to be heard, if any had been there to hear, for a long while after that.