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Care – Acrostic





The shorter the poem…

The shorter the poem,

the more people like them.

‘The rain it raineth.’

‘The rain it raineth.’

From up above us

the drops fall upon our heads

and we reign supreme.

(Don’t Fear) The Rapper – a Haiku.

(Don’t Fear) The Rapper – a Haiku.

Don’t fear the rapper;

his rhythm and poetry

are par for the course.

A Healthy Haiku

A Healthy Haiku

A Haiku a day

keeps ev’rybody away;

forget the apples.

I am ‘no’ Haiku

I am ‘no’ Haiku

I am no Haiku;

I might look like one,

but I assure you, I’m not.

When Haiku Go Bad

When Haiku Go Bad

It is a surprise

to ev’ry single person

when a Haiku turns

from quiet and safe

to being a vicious thing –

like a mad tiger.

“Haiku are for life!”

“Haiku are for life “

When you choose Haiku,

be sure you can care for them;

they’re for the long haul.

When a Haiku Dies

When a Haiku Dies

When a Haiku dies

there is a time of mourning,

in the afternoon.

“Discarded Haiku!”

“Discarded Haiku!”

Discarded Haiku

litter the streets of my town;

I add this to them.