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Food Haiku

Animals aren’t food –

my opinion of course,

of which I am proud.

Glis Glis

If a Glis Glis is on the menu,

you close the menu,

then you leave,

never to return.


Nobody needs to eat them,

they should be left alone,

and the English name is wrong,

their edible days be done.

Your plaice or mine?

Your plaice or mine?


The plaice is its own property,

and we should leave it alone,

to hover and hoover above the sea floor.

And, what’s more,

I side with all the fishes,

a-swimming in the sea.



is not having dined

upon animals, fish, or fowl;

but being mindful,

of how

you live your life,

and provender your dish;

I wish to find

that all are


that is my wish.

Banonions (Revisited – for Veganuary)


Too close to bunions

to foot the bell

(or fit the bill)

with banana skin

and onion peel


bananas none too ripe,

onions are great,

ignore the hype;

and cook with skill

in a skillet, until…

… ready;

then eat

with a friend named Freddie –

what a treat!

NB don’t eat Freddie, it’s not that Vegan –

ask our mentor, Peter Egan.

You had Me at …!

You’re not a Vegan,

and I don’t want to hear

the excuses you have;

the way you wheedle makes me cringe;

and the carnivorous greed,

that fuels your need

sickens me to the core

of my apple.

And, what’s more,

you must surely be aware by now

that you are killing them and yourself

by eating

that pig,

that chicken,

that cow.

T-Shirt Slogans


“Peanut Butter!”

my T-shirts shout

of my fondest desires;

“Funeral Pyres!”

“Brussels Sprouts!”

rarely – if ever – seen

imposed upon one’s clothing;

“Be Vegan!”

“Go Green!”

are now acceptable in such places

where once such slogans

we’re as popular as fiery dragons,

and life was twice as cheap

as the cows, chickens and sheep

that humans gave in droves

to the hungry lizard,

aflame, aloft,

to keep their little lives

warm, safe, and soft.

Daisy the Cow

Daisy the Cow said,

‘That’s enough now!’

But, only a few that heard her voice,

chose to help her have a choice

that didn’t rely on a farmer.

How many lightbulbs?

How many lightbulbs?

How many lightbulbs does it take

to change a way of life?

Vegan Pecan Pie

Vegan Pecan Pie

is never on my menu, –

any idea why?