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Moored in the U.S.A.

Queen Mary, speaking at Long Beach, the other day, declared that she was fed up, bored, tired of being just an outdated museum and café-cum-hotel.

‘In fact…’ she declared, “I am moored within the U.S.A.”

Bruce refuced to comment.

U S of the A


“I wont go to work for less than a dollar a day!”
If that makes any cents
But, I may be upsetting the Americans
Which makes the present moment…

“Can you spare a dime, mister?”
What ever that is –
I think that the current sea of confusion
Is with me all the ‘five and dime’
Which is my ‘take a hike’ American Cockney rhyming slang for ‘time’
Which, of course, you, being American, knew.

Land of the freebie?
It’s definitely there – I went to see;
And there it was.

But, I don’t know why;
Perhaps, it’s because;
Or, maybe, it just is.