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Friday the Thirteenth

‘I’m going back to bed’, he said.

‘It’s Friday the Thirteenth,

I could end up dead!’

‘Even my Haiku has been affected –

and it’s not even going to be a Tanka;

so, what else can I do?’

He made himself a coffee,

and whistled ‘too-da-loo!’

returned to the safety of his four-poster…

he didn’t have a four-poster!

‘Oh, dear.’ he mumbled,

‘I now fear for the worst.’

and, at that exact moment,

the waterbed burst.

(Poem 13 – Unlucky) 25 Poems in 24 Hours

Poem 13 – 12:00 16-05-2017

Unluckily, it was midday

On the middle day

Of May.

“Unluckily?” you say.

I do –

And, anyway, who are you?

That asks me questions 

Whist I am writing my rhymes?

“I am your poetic conscience!” replied the voice.

“I give you unasked for advice

When you least want it – isn’t that nice?”

No, I snorted

I am quite capable to words have my sorted!

“Obviously!” quoth the voice.

“Your order is choice; 

But, sadly, your meaning is distorted.”
Hurumph! I thought

And wrote;

And that ought to have been enough…

But, it doesn’t work like that…
What is the World coming to

When your inner voice

Thinks you’re a prat?