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Typewriter Poetry Try #2

Typewriter Poetry Try #2

Top-Line Poetry

I type
I try
I wrote
I write tripe, too
Poor poetry, I write
I put it to you, poet
I try.
Middle-Line Poetry

A sad dash-dash-dash
Glad all falls flash
Fads, a al Dada,
A hall as glad as a flag
Ada’s Salad as Al has a gas.

Bottom-Line Poetry

Still say ‘you must be kidding!’

Typewriter Poetry Try #1 is HERE

Poetry from a typewriter (you can Google the word, if you are unsure what one is)

This is a typewriter

This is a typewriter

Top-shelf Poetry

Our toy a wire
Up to our eyrie
We try our eye
To output our poet
Our tour troupe
Pitter, putter, pout!
Middle-shelf Poetry

As a hag adds a jag
A salad adds a glad flag
Fads gall
Halls fall
Shall a flag fall as a dash
As a hash

Bottom-shelf  Poetry

Yeah, right!