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A 200-day streak (fully-clothed)

A 200-day streak (fully-clothed)

200 days

I have posted stuff;

some of it smooth,

most of it rough;

words a-plenty

from the mind of The Barred,

short ones mostly,

the long ones are hard

(“Oo, er, Missus!”

Innuendo is at a premium these days,

so I don’t do smut

and I write clean plays,

where the heroine is spelt correctly,

and the hero arrives directly,

and the plot

is somewhat Shakey,

like a smile from Cyril Blakey –

if you know who he is.)

So, maybe a million words

in 200 days,

if you’ve read as many of them as I have

you must be craze-


or me,

or both!