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The Day the Lights Went Out in Truro.

The Day the Lights Went Out in Truro.

‘The lamps are going out all over Truro, we may not see them lit again before teatime ’

Darkness fell

at a half past two

it became so dark

what could they do?

The traffic stoped,

pedestrians faltered

unable to cope

with the lighting thus altered.

“How shall we cope?”

“Is there any hope?

“It’s like the blitz

all over again!”

The voices heard,

was spread the word;

the lights returned,

reprieve was earned.

What a day it had been.

Cornish Limerick #2

Cornish Limerick #2

There was an old man from Truro

Who bought a second-hand bureau

When he got it home

Through its drawers he did roam

And found a pin and a Euro.