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I’m a Truffle-Packer (not a euphemism)

I’m a Truffle-Packer (not a euphemism)

I’m a truffle-packer

not a truffle-packer’s mate

I spend my time packing truffles

at just above the going rate.

I don’t find it boring

because truffles are so cool

being doing this now for twenty years

I’m a truffle-packing fool!


Truffles Have Feelings, Too!

Truffles (after hunting)

Truffles (after hunting)

“Hunting truffles out in India… yah!”*
A little more civilised than hunting tigers as they sang of in days of yore.
Shoot with a camera, I say.
Otherwise your children will ask:
“Where are the wild creatures that belonged here yesterday?”

Truffle-hunting in the forests of England is the thing.
Capturing a truffle by stealth and harvesting it for its nutty taste is a sport and a pastime that can’t be sneezed at or knocked.

What say you?

*from the song Hunting Tigers by The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band (1960s) from an original song of the early C20th.