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I’m not saying that Triffids don’t like scones…

I’m not saying

that Triffids don’t like scones;

but, I’m not in a position

to say whether like them,

or whether they don’t.

They might never have eaten one,

stopping short at a Chelsea Bun

or an Eclair.

There seem to have been

no studies carried out

(by the people who carry out studies of this kind)

to find out

whether Triffids are ‘thumbs up’

or ‘thumbs down’

when it comes to scones;

and, if it happens

that it’s ‘thumbs up’,

does a Triffid do ‘Jam First!’

or are they just horrible man-eating plant-based things

as we suspected from the start?

“Triffids Only!”

Well, you had been warned,

so it’s your own fault.

You should have heeded the warning

then you wouldn’t have needed

to be so mourned.

The May of the Triffids

I’ve just worked out why

all my poems are so;

they all seem to be about Triffids,

you know, those man-eating plants

that won’t give us a chance

if we’re blind to the threat that they pose.

I suppose they must live, as must we;

but, it’s not really fair,

if only the Triffids can see.

Well, we’ve had a good run,

some bits were fun,

but, now that the end is in sight,

we should wave our goodbyes,

to a final Sunrise;

and give thanks to those lights in the night. J

The Way of the Triffids

It is the way of the Triffids

to sneak up upon you

and catch you unawares;

and before you even know it,

you’ve been deaded,

and your body becomes theirs.