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‘Tea, Tee, and T-prompt’ for LindaGHill’s #SoCS.

Tee Tea and T- SoCS (see Linda’s post for Details Here).

“It’s Tee-time!” He called.

Quickly ditching his tie and day-Old shirt, he popped on a Pink Floyd Tee-shirt.

Hailing from the 1980s – him and the Tee-shirt – it was a bit faded and had one or two moth-holes in one or two places. But, still, there was mileage in it.

André walked out of the office and into the world of rock. Well, ROCK!!!! If you must have the detail emphasised. Although some would say Prog-Rock was not their cup of tea, André loved the syncopated rhythms and lengthy instrumental passages more than almost anything.

He had enjoyed early T-Rex when he was growing up (when they were called Tyrannosaurus Rex and Steve Peregrine Took was a member along with Marc Bolan.

And André had even named his firstborn Debora – his son would never forgive him for that – and his secondborn Marcia – a girl this time.

Pink Floyd was something else. Another Brick in the Wall was soon playing and being sung by André the busker. *

*My 10-minute timer went off here.