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The Tree That Grows the Golden Apples – a Song.

The Tree That Grows the Golden Apples – a Song.

I’m a tree on an island

just watching the distant boats go by,

I’ve never spoken to them

they do not visit,

I don’t know why,

perhaps they are shy.

And I’m so lonely here on my own

Just me, my leaves, my branches

and the fruit that I’ve grown.

I’m the tree that grows the golden apples

and my branches are oh so full

Nobody knows

and nobody cares;

if they did all my branches would be bare

I’m the tree that grows the golden apples

on an island in the middle of the sea.


New Forest Poetry 10-10-2015


New Forest Poetry 10-10-2015

The tree that fell
It wasn’t well
It lost its grip
Began to slip
Sad to tell
It lay on the ground murmuring –
A sad sight
Quite profound;
Whilst all around
Were none to see
The tree
Without a sound.

Fallen Tree

New Forest 08-08-2015

New Forest 08-08-2015

Tall and free
Fallen tree
Came down to earth
With a bump, you see
One minute fine
The next one arrived
Russian Roulette
Which trees survived

From sideways on
The forest seems changed somehow
What was then
Just isn’t now.

Ugly Tree Fruit

New Forest, Hampshire

New Forest, Hampshire

I fell out of the ugly tree
Hitting ‘all’ the branches on my way down
‘That’ is why ‘I’ am looking a little dishevelled
And am wearing a frown.

In the woods 2 – The Sequel (04-07-2015)


Fallen Tree in the New Forest

A tree fell in the woods
And I didn’t hear a thing;
I wasn’t there to hear it
That’s if it indeed it made any noise…
…at all.

Did it cry out in anguish
Upon its altered state?
Did it have forebodings
That came, but far too late?
Does it lay here now
Sentient and hurt?
Or is it just decaying
Slowly akin the dirt
Of a mess of bark and limbs and trunk, and…
Has its life-sap dried;
All its nature drunk?

A tree fell in the woods
You can hear the echoes still…