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A Memory from the Bodmin Railway

A Memory from the Bodmin Railway.

I have to write a few lines

about Bodmin Railway –

my favourite memory.

Well, I saw a murder

on the train

it was a mystery to me.

And we had a pasty;

drank fine wine

and fizzy pop;

got off and back on the train

every time it did stop.

We asked lots of questions

to the suspects that there were;

they lied as they stood

as a good suspect should

said they were good –

but we had an inkling

that they were bad.

We had started out in the sunshine

and all was laughter and light;

by the time it got to the murder

the scene was dark and set at night.


Who killed whom?

We tried to detect a murderer

or was there to be a miscarriage of justice?

No. Just this result;

that the murderer, revealed,

had no remorse in their deed.

indeed, they were happy to plead

guilty, as it had all been a play.

Everybody, including the dead man,

lived to train travel again

Upon another day.

Monday Morning Platform Poetry #2


Monday Morning Platform Poetry #2

The ticket machine is having a bad morning
A vacant expression upon its face
It is moaning quietly to itself in the corner
Considering getting out of this place.

But, though it has all the tickets
To all the destinations,
It’s roots are here
And it’s going to stick around
A while longer;
It doesn’t really have a say.

And, as a procession of commuter types approach in hopes
And turn in resignation,
The ticket machine continues to moan quietly
Not issuing, but frowning
Dwelling upon the career path chosen for it
By those who have the third rail power