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How many tractors?

How many tractors

could you attract,

If you had a large magnet

and a bucketful of tact?


One tractor,

two tractors,

three tractors,


Do you think that you could

attract any more?

A Song for Boxing Day 2018 #19 (18:00)

A Song for Boxing Day 2018 #19 (18:00)

(Playing the music of Yesterday by The Beatles)


(Then music changes)

We saw a tractor

round the road;

the tractor had

a heavy load/…

We saw the same tractor

again today

and all he had was a bale of hay.

And where was he taking

that bale of hay?

I do not know

I cannot say;

perhaps to drop off in a field

to help increase the animals yield;

the sheep, the cows, the horses too;

though what a horse does yield

I do not know –

do you?