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Our tortoise escaped

The other day,

our tortoise escaped;

we’d turned our backs

for no less than two minutes;

and that was when he saw his chance.

Through the open gate –

thank you, Postie –

and off up the road;

he led us a merry dance;

who’d have knowd

that a tortoise could reach

such velocity.

We think he was off to the beach, again ;

such precocity,

without a word of goodbye,

or a wave of farewell

(well,he might have waved,

it’s difficult to tell),

and he was gone,

up yon pavement,

(crossing at the crossing)

grabbing a leafy snack

at the passing allotment;

and, with no looking back,

he went off to the sands of the shore,

and the salt of the sea.

We couldn’t catch him;

but, he always comes home

in time for tea.

Taught Us!

It has four legs,

and a shell for a home;;

likes eating lettuce,

loves to roam;

goes very slowly,

but always gets there;

once had a race,

with a runner-up hare.

That story taught us

a lesson in patience.