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The River Ribble Rubble Repository.

The River Ribble Rubble Repository.

The River Ribble Rubble Repository doesn’t actually exist – which is a good thing. For if the River Ribble Rubble Repository did exist then it would surely be part of a tongue-twister – and that would certainly be something that no sane person would want to try.

Anyway, as the River Ribble Rubble Repository doesn’t exist, there isn’t a problem at all.

Cornish Limerick #3 (and it’s a bit of a tongue-twister).

Cornish Limerick #3

There once may be is a young lady from Camborne

Who will one day have now might have then looked like a little new lamb born

She soon used to jump over future fences

In all the wrong pasture tenses

And one day she could have will have had would of will have been to be about to have been and may be shorn.

Psycho Cyclist!

It was not one of these.

It was not one of these psychos

Psycho Cyclist you’re on my list;

You are at the top

Of my Psycho Cyclist List!

Ode To the Letter Tee (an off to a T Tongue-Twister)

To the Tee!

Totalitarian tiredness

Tempts this tragic twit

To tread the tenderest tightrope

That time tells thus:

12:22 – too threadtorn to turn turtle,

Too tortuous to try to take the test,

Tell that to the talismen. Tell them to take the town to task. Today. Tonight. Tomorrow too tardy.

To this time they tried to take their tales to temples to torture their themes, toll their timpanic trills.

Tell them their time twists tamely, those that think thus take to tall towers to topple their thoughts, temper their tantrums, trivialise their tremulous talents, through the tactile tautness, tenderise their talons to trust this thereafter.