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Today is just a Friday,

even though I thought it was a Saturday;

how could I get it ‘so’ wrong?

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Every day is tomorrow,

until it becomes today,

and then quickly becomes yesterday.

If I didn’t write a poem…

Today, if I didn’t write a poem

would you notice?

Would you say to a friend,

‘Tell you what…’

and describe to them

the feelings inside?

If I didn’t write a poem, today,

would you care?

Would you check your media closely,

to see if you’d missed me there?

If I didn’t, today, write a poem,

would I feel okay?

And even if I had

nothing to say,

shouldn’t I still write a poem,


If I didn’t write that poem today,

would ‘you’ still have something to say,

that you could put in a poem

just to fill that gap?

Is that a ‘yes’ I hear you say?

The Day, Today.

The Day, Today.

The radio is talking

to itself;

the outside world seems to be on ‘mute’;

I pass from one realm to another.

A bird calls, is answered, responds accordingly.

Clouds scud across the sky, lazily following their heart’s desires.

The wind has gone AWOL;

but, will be back when its batteries are recharged.

The sun shines down weakly upon those seeking warmth – but, they remain chilled, only their minds are warmed.

I pass amongst the inhabitants of the Earth

and watch as they process their lives

in many valid ways.

From the walk today.

From the walk today.

A horse in the hedgerow

A robin in the field

Or, maybe that should be the other way round:

plǝᴉɟ ǝɥʇ uᴉ uᴉqoɹ ∀ ʍoɹǝƃpǝɥ ǝɥʇ uᴉ ǝsɹoɥ ∀

That seems about right.




Today is significantly newer than yesterday.

Just taken the wrapper off to see what is included – lots of stuff and some nonsense – quite similar to yesterday in concept; but, has possibilities for things that yesterday no longer has.

The instruction leaflet says: ‘Today is very precious, use it wisely – no refunds.’

My Prompt For Today?

My Prompt For Today?

Where is my prompt for today?

The thing that will jump into my path –

It must be on its way.

The anticipation is eagerly anticipated,

the expectation is expected soon;

shall it be brought by the bounteous birds

who sing by the light of the Moon?

Nah! Too late for that, the Dawn Chorus has passed us by.

How about when I’m walking the dogs, I can be found on the lanes;

inspiration can hit me then,

or at least the inkling of an idea,

a morsel, a tidbit, some grains.

Oh, where is my prompt for today?

The day after yesterday (and before all our tomorrows) is here.

The day after yesterday.

The day after yesterday

is here,


but, tomorrow will never arrive,

being always the day after today.

The day before tomorrow

is also here,


but, yesterday will never return –

and what did we learn from

the day before today?

Haiku: ‘Twenty – Nonsense!’ by Graeme Sandford


Twenty is a score-
Do we need anything more?
It’s not ‘twenty-four…

Birds baked in a pie;
And though I don’t ask you why
I’d still like to try

On that ‘dress’ or ‘note’
And I’d ask you not to quote
The words that I wrote

In my pocket book;
They are too frightful, just look
At the grammar- “Ook!”

Librarian said
With his fifth last banana
Pointing at your head.

“It’s a bandana!”
Said the Etymologist;
Who was labelled ‘Fred’.

Which was really nice
As he was cheap at the price
And gave good advice.

Twice a week, he said,
Would be enough to sort things,
And tomorrow brings

Some new beginnings;
Or maybe some old endings;
Who knows? and, who cares?

But, caught unawares,
We divided all our cares
Into rabbits and hares.

If that is okay
For people to do today
They say, it’s all play.

For aardvarks… ’nuff said.
We needn’t bring aardvarks in
We’ll take that as read.

So, returning to our cause,
At the risk of stark applause,
We crawl on all fours.

(It’s a safety thing,
We must reduce injuring-
Compensation ‘Ching!’)

Where were we? Oh yes!
Just waffling on some, I guess-
Oh, to be ‘exact!’

In fact, I must say,
At this present time in place
That I am confused.

All this is bunkum!
And I can’t even rhyme that –
Which is no surprise.

If you’ve got this far…
Award yourself a medal;
Or pat on the back.

I lack the brainwork
To stop before the end, shirk
My duties and such.

So onwards I plough
Enjoying the here and now
It’s finished, but how?

Haiku: ‘Nineteen’ (not-much) by Graeme Sandford


Nineteen, they do say,
Is a number of great state;
And… is today’s date.

‘N, N, N, Nineteen!’
Their average age was not…
It was twenty-two!

That is about it!
Nineteen is not really hot
In the number world.

Before is ‘eighteen’,
And after it is ‘twenty’
‘It’ is just ‘nineteen’.

No ‘Nineteen Wonders’
Nor ‘Nineteen Days of Christmas’
It’s not much at all.

One times ‘nineteen’ is…
And nineteen times one? Also…
Which is a poor show.

Three sixes are not;
And neither are six sevens;
It’s no ‘forty-two!’

Not a borrower
Nor a lender, give or take;
Nor step on a rake.

It is unlucky
In much the same way as is…
One-hundred and four.

It has little scope
When it comes down to our coins;
Twenty-pence is ‘more!’

It is that sad age
When a teenager is just
‘Almost’ an ‘unteen!’

It’s on a dart board,
At the bottom, by the three,
There; almost unseen.

It’s a number, yes,
On a twenty-four-hour clock
Sharing with seven.

It’s not the number
Of the cloud set for heaven
(‘Nine’ or ‘Eleven’).

It is just ‘nineteen’-
No ‘deadly sins’ hid within;
No ‘nineteen’ witches.

It is not at all
A number that’s likely to
Leave us in stitches.

‘Twenty-one shillings
Do make up one old ‘Guinea’
Two less than that is…

‘Nineteen!’ And the time
Of the Nineteenth Century
Was a while ago.

So, as for nineteen…
I haven’t a clue at all
What to write – do you?