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‘Introducing…’ the Ubiquitous Sydney Blackspur

GRAMS: Theme tune fades in and then out.

Announcer: Introducing… the ubiquitous… Sydney… Blackspur!!!!

SFX mild applause

Sydney: Hello.

Announcer: Hello, Sydney!

Sydney: Hello.

Announcer: Right! Let’s get down to business.

Sydney: Okay.

Announcer: ‘Ubiquitous!’ What does it mean?

Sydney: Well, people are always asking me that.

Announcer: Yes? And what do you tell those people?

Sydney: Well, I tell them to go and look it up.

Announcer: And, do they?

Sydney: Usually… they don’t. But… on occasion… they go away… and… they ‘might’ look it up – J have no way of knowing where they go and what they do once they have left my immediacy.

Announcer: ‘Immediacy?’ What— oh, never mind, I’ll go and look it up.

Sydney: Okay.

SD there is a protracted silence.

Sydney (to anyone): Is he coming back?

SD there is no reply.

Sydney: Oh.

GRAMS: Theme tune fades in and then out.

SFX Final sound effect – probably a ‘Clang!’.

Episode Nein of ‘The-Toe-in-the-Water’ Radio Show.

News about Episode Nein of ‘The-Toe-in-the-Water’ Radio Show!

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Episodes 1-8 can be listened to on the ‘Toe-in-the-Water’ Radio Show website at


Script for a Tester’s Jeer

Toe-in-the-Water Radio Show SCRIPT – locked up

Me: He has just been released from prison.

You: What had he done?

Me: Done! What had he ‘not’ done?

You: I think that may be a long list.

Me: True. He was found guilty of being a bugler.

You: A bugler?

Me: Yes, he would break into ‘Reveille Or ‘Retreat’ at all hours of the morning and as he refused to stop it, they thought that the best thing to do was to lock him up and throw away the key of C.

You: The key of C?

Me: Yes, seems that was what the trumpet was tuned to.

You: Did it do any good?

Me: Well, his neighbours certainly thought so.

You: And now they’ve let him out?

Me: Yes, he was getting too big for his cell.

Yes: Does that joke work?

Me: Not in this universe, dear friend; but, it had to be said.

You: Why?

Me: It’s in the script.

You: It is. How did that get that through the censors?

Me:Have you heard of bribery? Using large sums of money for the means of… crime?

You: No.

Me: Good boy. We shall go far.

The ‘Toe-in-the-Water’ Radio Show Episode 8

The ‘Toe-in-the-Water’ Radio Show Episode 8: https://youtu.be/07b2ed1LsqY

Two Men in the Sahara – Episode: Hide and Seek



Two Men in the Sahara – Episode: Hide and Seek

Present are F.Lawrence (Flo) and Smiffee (Smiffee) who has just arrived

Smiff: Where have the boys got to, Flo?

Flo: They are off playing ‘Hide and Seek’.

Smiff: Who’s hiding?

Flo: They both are.

SD They both sigh

Flo: Sigh

Smiff: Sigh

Smiff: Well, it’s progress – remember when Quiffy played it on his own that time?

Flo: Yes, he was hiding for days.

Smiff: And we only found him by chance when he fell out of the palm tree as we were going past.

Flo: And luckily he wasn’t hurt.

Smiff: He landed on something soft.

Both: His head!

Both: Hahahaha!

Flo: I think they may be some time as Biffy decided to count up to a hundred before looking; then Quiffy said that wasn’t enough time it should be a thousand…

Smiff: And I suppose they compromised on a hundred-thousand?

Flo: Yup!

Smiff: Donuts!

Flo: Don’t mind if I do. Chocolate coated with sprinkles.

Smiff: You bet.

Flo: Lovely. Save some for the boys?

Smiff: No; they went stale last time.

Flo: The Boys or the donuts?

Smiff: Both!

Both! Hahahaha!

Both: Cheers!