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You Only Spread Twice

‘From Tiptree With Love’

“The Man With The Golden Spread”

“The Spy Who Loved Toast”


@Tiptree #JamesBondFilms

@Jane_Goldsack supplied the lovely home-made bread.

Photographed by me.

Original idea from Ian Fleming

Filmed in Breakovision.


Breakfast in Kernow.

“From Tiptree With Love”

Returned with many ‘thank yous’,

From lil’ Merrymeet.


Tasty marmalade courtesy of Wilkins & Sons Ltd @Tiptree (www.tiptree.com)

The product for which Tiptree is best known, delicious dark crimson jam made from the tiny, rare & intensely sweet Little Scarlet strawberry. Wilkin & Sons are believed to be the only commercial growers of this fruit anywhere in the world today, making Little Scarlet conserve utterly unique to Tiptree. Did you know that Little Scarlet is James Bond’s favourite conserve? Our favourite little strawberry is mentioned in the Ian Fleming novel, From Russia with Love.

Lovely, lovely bread courtesy of @Jane_Goldsack

Photography by me!


Inside The Jar @tiptree

“Spread a little joy”

Requested the honey lid;

Well, I think I shall.

Eat Well Love Life, Live Long, Prosper.

Two slices of wholemeal bread 


And topped with a light spreading of Marmalade.
Look after your bodies

Look after your self

Eat healthily

And ‘live long

And prosper!’

Or something like that. 
Anyway, have a lovely day.