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“It’s About Time!”

SD They meet

“Well, it’s about time.”

“What is?”

“This book on the subject of ‘Time’. “

“Oh!” Is it any good?”

“I got it second-hand.”


“I swapped it for my watch.”


“It helps to pass the…”


“Yes. And, it’s also about time-travel.”

“Sounds interesting – can I borrow it after you’ve read it?”

“Yes. I’ll pop it round to you last Thursday.”

“Okay. Can you write next week’s lottery numbers inside the back cover for me?”

“All of them?”

“Probably. 1 through to 47 should about cover it.”

“Will do.”

“Great! Thanks!”

“You’re welcome.”



“Until last Thursday!”

“Yup! See you then!”

SD They part.

(I’m just a) Time-Traveller (in Lifts).

Or is it?

Or is it?

Time-Traveller (in lifts)

I stepped in
And the doors closed together
Behind me.
Before me was the future.
I pressed a button
It was numbered ‘3’
The lift moved upwards
In dimension
And forwards
In time.
The lift stopped
The doors opened before me
(I had turned around)
And there was the future.
Admittedly, only 30 seconds into the future
But, I was there.
Dum-de-dum, dum-de-dum, I started humming, a theme tune from my youth
When I was younger
But, still relevant today
Wee-eeeeee yoooooo!
I was a traveller in time
And a relative dimension in space
The lift was my Tardis.

I realised that I had pressed the wrong button; I needed to go to the second floor.

I pressed the button numbered ‘2’
The lift doors closed
The lift descended
And stopped
The doors opened
And I was back in 1485.