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Time Stood Still – aka ‘The Day The Clock Stood Still’


Time Stood Still – 11-10-2015

Time stood still.

Never a month went by
When this happened.

We waited
Some in rooms aptly named
Some at tables with stationary diners
Some unknowing what it was that they were waiting for

Until finally the wait was over

And Time’s Wing√©d Chariot
Set forth again
With all its wheels attached once more.

©graemesandford.com (2015)



It’s 1937
War’s not far away
No, I meant the time
The time of the day.
It’s nearly twenty to eight
(Odds not great)
In the evening
Not the morning
Beware the warning
To ‘keep off the grass’
And this, too, shall pass

The stopped clock (but, only for a second)


And as the wind-up clock of time
Whistles through my ears
I pause my hands for just a second
And listen to the thick tick tock
Fade into history…
Soon to be replaced by the new kid on the clock
And time stood still?
And still stands still?
Still, you can’t wind them all.

02:25 am (Here)


02:25 am
That’s early in the morning
It may just be late at night
Where you are
But, I am not there
I am
And, not
All there

It’s About Time (It’s not about Stephen Hawking)


The hour hand is shorter
And travels ‘very’ slowly
The minute hand is reckoned to move
A tiny bit each second
While the second hand is flying
I wish that it would stop.
I don’t wear a watch at all
I haven’t got the time
So please don’t ask me ‘when’ it is
I’m too busy with this rhyme.