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Have you ever seen a tiger sigh?

“Have you ever seen a tiger sigh?

Close up?

Face to face?

Mano-a… tiger?”


“A crouching paper tiger maybe,” you say,

“One bored with things,

and having a lazy day.”

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, you may need a sense of puma!


A sense of puma

You will need a sense of puma
If you want to be a jungle comedian
Maybe Tim Vine would be there
You could hang with him
Or swing with Tarzan
And tell jokes to Jane
And laugh at the inappropriateness of Cheetah’s name
As he laughed at you
As you monkeyed around
And tripped on banana skins
And fell to the ground.
Bagheera and Baloo could give some tips
To the new kid in the Jungle
(Some oddball creation of Kip’s)
To avoid Shere Khan and Kaa;
Those two give me the cripps.
And Tiger Tigers burning bright
Would take one look at you
And flee in fright
Or consider the best way
Of devouring your bod
For I think
That for them to be frightened of you
Would be considerably odd.
But, you could laugh like Hyenas in the Lion King’s realm
And grow up like Simba
With Rafiki and Zazu at the helm.
Chuckle with Chimps
And let your laughter roar with the pride of humour
But, you may need a rather large sense of puma
As I’ve heard a rumour
That it’s a jungle out there!