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Thor the Thoughtful Seagull – #1

Thor looked down

upon the town

at all the milling people.

Thor thought deeply,

about all manner of things,

and today he thought about… hats.

‘Some people wear hats,’

he mused to himself,

‘whilst others do not.’

thus thought Thor the Thoughtful Seagull.

Then he went on to think of other things.


I tear this paper

I tear this paper

I tear this paper,

and eat my words,

choking upon the unfathomable metaphor

that is life.

Poem in a Doorway

Poem in a Doorway

This poem woke up in a doorway this morning;

it had little in the way of a plan,

so it just sat there yawning;

until a passing poetry critic

hurled some abuse – non analytic –

along the lines of: ‘You smell!’

and not ‘All is well

that ends well.’

as a man once said;

I remember that

as I am not stupid,

though I may whiff a bit.

A kindly word

in deed

is what I need;

but, I am either invisible

or derisible.

This poem woke up in a doorway

this morning.