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Beastiku (Postcard 5) – Party-Time!

Beastiku Postcard 5

The Devil in disguise

At fancy-dress parties

Often goes as Bambi!

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Beastiku (Postcard 3) – In Case of Fire…

Beastiku Postcard 3

“In the realm of Hades

There are three Fire Exits;

No-one knows where they are.”

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Beastiku (Postcard 2) – The Haiku of the Beast

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Beastiku Postcard 2

“When the new ones arrive

It is pleasing to see

Faces, when they see me!”

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Beast-iku (The Haiku of the Beast!) Nos. 3-4 (Greetings & Lies)

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Beast-iku 3 (Greetings)


“Hello, you lot up there!

How is your La-la land?

Warm enough for your taste?”


Beast-iku 4 (Lies)


“The sun is shining bright;

Birds singing in the trees;

You’ll really love it here! “



Beast-iku 1-2 by Graeme Sandford




The Haiku of the Beast

Beast-iku 2

“Man goes in a fruit shop!”

That always makes me laugh;

I do get bored down here.”

Beast-iku 1

I knew you were alive;

I could hear you snoring;

Would you like a cuppa?