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Art House, Southampton -yay!

Art House, Southampton -yay!

Contemplating my cappuccino
In an orange cup
On a blue saucer
In front of a red menu
Upon a brown wooden table.

Maybe I should stop contemplating
And get on with imbibing the drink
That is, I think, what I bought it for.

Poets love their inspirations
Even if one of them is luke-warm coffee.

Listless Limericks for 27th September, 2014

Listless Limericks - 27th September 2014

The Way of the Limerick

The first line is always the worst;
Then the second line, which quickly follows the first;
Then is the third
The forth is then heard
And to come last the fifth line is eternally cursed!



The ‘Word of the Day’ it is… ‘Euphoric!!!

Which in Aberdeen is spoken in Doric

So, in the Aberdonian ‘Play of the Day’ which is…

Hamlet;  Hamlet doth say:

(To Horatio): ‘Alas, puir Yorick!”*

* (From Willam Shakespeare’s Danish Play -Aberdeen Ed.  ‘Alas, puir Yorick, Ah kent heem, Horatio; a fellaw ay infinite jest.’
A statue from Central Aberdeen
One night was sprayed fluorescent green
The police were confused
The public amused
But, to so paint the Prince Albert ‘was’ mean!
Whilst piloting Flight 612
The captain discovered a screw
Laying loose on the floor
Then he found three screws more
Then his false leg fell off – over Crewe!
The end of the world is Nigh!
So come let us all say goodbye!
“Time to go!”
“We’re all of us going to die…!”… eventually!
The man who is writing these words
Refuses point-blank to shoot birds
Clay pigeons – yes.
He has pacifist aims, I guess
And he’s a poet, so he’s one of the nerds!
A Scotsman was wearing a quilt
Because of the food he had Spilt
It covered his knees,
his ankles, phalanges;
But, it nowhere near covered his guilt!*

(*at not wearing a kilt!)


 The ‘Alternative Word of the Day’ it is… ‘Mistaken’

For I can’t understand what you mean by ‘taekin?

Am I ‘taekin’ two yews?

I’m not, please excuse –

I’m from the South, where old Daleks are all but forsaken!*

* It may help you to understand the above to know that it was written in Aberdeen where I had the great delight of having a conversation with a local chappie last night who clearly thought that he made perfect sense – I only heard that he was suffering from Hay-Fever (and not from visiting the Theatre) and that explained his situation. I think a fine 12-year-old Hay-Fever was more likely! I’m from the very south of England.


Whilst writing a few of the above

The writer thought about his true love

At home with the pets

He hopes that she gets

A laugh from some of the above!

(to Jane x)


Note to the discernible reader: I do make all of these up for you, just you. I hope they bring a smile to your face, as they have to mine –  G:)

Haiku: ‘Two’ by Graeme Sandford

Hamlet: the great dane:
Said ‘To be… or not to be?’
And ‘not’: ‘When is lunch?’

William Shakespeare
Wrote about that tragic tale
In ‘Hamlet’ the play.

I am Bik. I am!



I’m Bik, I am!

I am a man who wants to save the Earth;
I know it’s old and sad and lacking mirth;
But, I, a man, I, can bring peace and worth.

I’ll tell you how. I’ll show you what to do;
Be kind, be brave, the world you want to save;
Take cares, eat pears, the path of life you pave;
The time has come the situation grave.
We love the here, the now, the why, the how;
We make. We shake. We bid the people wake;
And be, and do, and join the Art House Crew!
The four, who do, they built the Art House Crew,
At helm, Ziggy, Jani, Nina, too,
And I am Bik, the beard, the coat, the ‘doo!
We four, we few, with friends, with heart, with you;
With help from those who think the way we do;
We fly the flag, we band, we chosen few.
And art is here; all art welcome here, too!
Let’s raise a glass of cheer,
For I am Bik,
And that is good to do!